I have a pair of Tingsha, which may be used to begin or end a meditation. They make a beautiful sound when struck together. The reason they are struck at the beginning of meditation is to give one the perspective of going from sound, to silence. The sound they create reverberates until the vibration dissipates ever so gently into silence. Letting the sound lessen naturally brings about a calmness, but, if the Tingsha are grabbed causing the sound to abruptly end, it causes a disturbance instead. If we want to approach silence, doing so gently is best. When we relate this to our thoughts, it is best to be gentle rather than trying to arrest our thoughts abruptly.

To touch silence, is to touch the space that holds your thoughts. It is not necessary to push your thoughts aside to experience this space, your thoughts are merely objects within the silence. When we experience the ocean, we don’t try to push the fish aside, they can be there while we experience the ocean. We can see from experience that when we try to gather up too many fish from the ocean we cause disharmony. If instead we allow the fish to be, then no disturbance happens, and we are free to experience the ocean, even the fish. So, to, we can experience the silence while experiencing our thoughts as well.

By letting your thoughts be, you can keep attention on the silence, and then you will touch that infinite space that is there, the silence beyond the sound. This silent space is the source of knowledge, wisdom and infinite possibilities. As we tune-in to the silent space we touch the oneness of life, and as individuals we experience this space in unique ways. It is difficult for us to just be in the moment because we are accustomed to involving ourselves, and our preconceived notions, in every experience, yet being with what ever the experience is while touching the silence, is all that is necessary to benefit from the knowledge and wisdom that resides there.

It may seem to you that nothing is happening, that there is only a great void in this space, but this is because we are used to physical reality and the immediate perceptible results of even the most menial task we do. In contrast, the seemingly indiscernible consequence of touching this space is profoundly significant. What you will experience in this silent space is the world beyond the physical reality. You will have entered a place that is limitless and boundless.

When I ventured into this space for the first time I did so with expectation and apprehension. I soon discovered that unless I did as Master Kim had taught, my efforts would be futile. Indeed, his words echo in my ears to this day. “Just be there with the silence, nothing more, nothing less”.