I was sitting writing up a proposal for work listening to music. A certain song began to play, and tears came to my eyes. It is amazing how a song can spark emotional responses in us even when our thoughts are far away from the experience that brought on the tears. The person who sparked these tears will most likely read this blog and that person will know why.

Karma is a curious thing, and it is the reason we can live this life we do. You see, karma is what holds us in this existence, so, no karma, no us. Karma is the foundational vibration energy that makes up our existence and indeed our lives. We create karma all the time, and mostly we don’t have any control over the karma we create. This is because we are unaware that we are doing it.

Karma develops tendencies in us, and those tendencies lead our lives, dare I say, control our lives, in ways we can’t see unless we pay very close attention. I have paid close attention to myself for many years and still I find tendencies in me I haven’t noticed before that control my behaviors or those that are still lingering and not quite settled.

Karma is just action, in fact the word karma means just that, action. So, what we do, say and how we behave is indeed our karma. It is easy to understand then that if we talk, think, and act a certain way, that will be perpetuated in our lives. It will take hold and we will live on the roller coaster we created, on an endless loop of highs, lows and a certain boredom that brings on a longing for something more.

Aren’t we always looking for that next thing? To have a little bit more, whatever that is for us. This longing is completely normal and a natural reaching for knowing who we are. We don’t recognize that what we are looking for is ourselves because we have been trained from the day we were born to look outward for everything we need and want.

Over the years I have come to know a lot of my karma, so when I am alone I am very comfortable in my own presence, in stillness and quietness. I know I’m not the things I do nor the things that happen to me. In this stillness and quiet I meditate and go after the karma that creates tendencies in me I don’t like. I am always working on finding and eliminating unaware karma and instead creating karma I want.

I am not suggesting everyone needs to sit and find their karma and tendencies, however, just a little attention to how we are, what we say, how we say it and to whom, might just bring about the changes in our lives we are looking for. It isn’t hard to look, but sometimes it can be hard to admit to ourselves how we behave.

That is actually the hardest part of any change, admitting to ourselves that we are the ones who got us where we are. It is our unaware choices that create the karma we live under. It is the tendencies we are unaware of. One minor decision this way or that can have very large effects on our lives and on others’ lives too. Sometimes, what we think we want is mis-guided by old tendencies or past experiences we have been controlled by. I am certainly aware now, of tendencies I had that were born of past experiences.

We have the ability to change, to create the karma we want and are aware of. That takes effort, an effort that not a lot of people want to make, unfortunately. This leaves us living in a world where human behavior hasn’t changed in thousands of years. We are still fumbling and bumbling about on this planet. Still fighting, still at odds with the other, still wanting more than the other and still destroying the only home we have.

We have the choice to live differently. That choice will not only enhance our own lives, but all life around us. Knowing our karma we will know our tendencies, knowing our tendencies we will open the door to a life we can manage and direct. It is time to create our lives the way we want them to be, not based on unaware karmic tendencies.

I played the song that brought tears to my eyes a few more times. The tears I shed were for what could have been, not what was. Perhaps the person who sparked my tears may have tears arise in them as well.

I have always been able to see other people’s karma. I can also see the person that is there behind it all too. It is this I am drawn to, the beauty inside. It is sad then to watch karmic tendencies overpower the beauty and control a life. It is my wish that we all look to the beauty that is within ourselves and the other. This is a real possibility, and what will ultimately bring about a world we all want anyway.

Ed Williamson