About Pathways

Knowing who we are beyond the limited ideas of our human conditioning is the most important work we will ever do and is the reason Pathways was created. Pathways is a place to explore your true nature, your connection with the source of all that is and go within to discover your unlimited self.

Like many other teachers before him, Ed is passionate about passing on the knowledge and wisdom of a life looking inward, and so he created pathways to support, guide and teach the ways of the spiritual path. Pathways is a place of learning, support, and a resource for those who are seeking to know more about the spiritual path, what it means to be on the path, its challenges and rewards, and the ultimate truth of who we are.

Through talks, seminars and retreats, and teachings on meditation, mindfulness and chi-gong, pathways provides you with all you need to live life from a place of peace, love and compassion.

Explore the depths of who you are and discover the wonder, beauty, and love of the creator with you.