Exploring Chi

with Master Ed Williamson

Exploring Chi

Chi (energy) is the basis of all manifested form, from the densest material to the most subtle. The human body, mind and emotions are all forms of energy, even your thoughts have an energy form. Our very nature is energy in motion.

As human beings we have a unique inherent ability that allows us to manipulate, control and harness the energies that make up who we are, and those in our environment. When we invest in knowing our own energies, we can use them as easily as we do our physical limbs.

With knowledge of how chi functions and the ability we inherently have to use it, we can manage our health, well-being and our lives in many ways.

There is no necessary chi experience to participate in this class.

Explore chi – explore your life!

The instruction in this class will include the following and more.

– Mindfulness/meditative practices
– Standing meditation (Zhan zhuang)
– Tai Chi movements
– Expansion/contraction of chi
– Chi sensing/awareness
– Yi Quan (Mind-boxing)
– Internal/external chi
– Chi in nature
– Distance perception
– Inner health & wellbeing
– Proprioception