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Ed Williamson on the beach

From one-hour talks, to weekend retreats, our programs provide knowledge, guidance, and teachings on the ways of the spiritual path. Our programs include teachings and practices on, mindfulness, meditation, chi-gong and how we can connect more deeply with spirit and our guides.

If you are looking to have Ed present a talk, seminar, or retreat, you may contact us at

Ed Williamson on the beach

What is the Spiritual Path

In essence, the spiritual path is the dropping away of everything human to reveal who you are. Your experience as a human being with a body, mind, emotions, and feelings is part of the created existence we call, living. What we are seeking on the spiritual path is the experience of you before the created existence as a human, being.

Knowing who are is fully possible while living in this world. The path is not a destination, but rather a revelation. To be on a spiritual path is to be consciously seeking to know, it means looking deeply at ourselves in ways that are difficult and challenging.  This is because to see beyond our human conditioning means inquiring deeply into all aspects of our lives. We have unconsciously created filters through which we experience our human lives, and these filters distort reality in ways that keep us separated from our true nature.

The path is challenging, it requires perseverance and patience, and is the most rewarding experience you will have in your life. Once you touch the essence of who you are, you will awaken into a space that will continue to grow in love and joy.