Mindfulness &Meditation

Training the Peaceful Mind

Budda on the mountain


Mindfulness is of the mind; meditation is letting go of the mind. Both are essential practices that expand our awareness. We could say that mindfulness practices guide and focus our thinking minds to keep us balanced and grounded, while meditation practices guide and focus our awareness on source.

Focusing the mind through intentional directives help us form a relationship with our thinking, reducing careless and useless narratives that distract and distort our present moment awareness. To be in the moment with our thinking is to be engaged with reality, all else is fantasy and imagination.

Attention on awareness is the expansion of self into the oneness of source. Thoughts come to us through awareness-ness, when meditating we expand this awareness into the unknown to touch the source of our existence. Here, we merge with those beyond the veil of human existence encountering the oneness within.