Ed Williamson

Founder of Pathways

Teacher and Seeker

Ed was born in Ireland in 1962 and moved to the U.S. in 1985. A carpenter in Ireland, he started a carpentry business in the U.S. grew it into a construction business, opened a unique restaurant, nirvana tea house & café and founded pathways, teachings from the spiritual path. Ed is also a tai chi master having trained in martial arts for 30 years and also holds black belt ranks in shorinji ryu karate.

Throughout his life his one true desire was seeking to know life beyond the human condition. Burdened by abuse in childhood, Ed turned inward for solace and to cope with the pain. This focus inward would turn into meditation and spiritual practice. In time he realized he was on a spiritual path, a path that brought him beyond the veil of this world to experiences that shattered the limited ideas of what we believe life to be.

Today, Ed teaches about the spiritual path, the joy, and pitfalls of being on the path and shares the knowledge and wisdom he gained from his experiences beyond the veil and connections with his guides.

Interviews with Ed Williamson