Mindful Living for Adults

Finding peace by turning off the autopilot

Mindful Living

Mindful living programs at Pathways are designed to bring consciousness within us to a place where we are fully in control of our inner experiences. From this place we can experience the world as we decide, not how the external world would have us experience it. Being fully mindful we are capable of self-healing, self-guidance and joy.

Our minds and emotions can be held hostage by an external world that tries to dictate how we should feel and think. Our capacity to live life on our terms is truly powerful when we give attention to our selves through mindful practices.

Our programs normally include light physical energy (Chi) exercises, mental and emotional awareness practices, as well as meditative practices. The four energies that make up our human condition, Physical-mental-emotional-subtle, are all engaged in our programs to bring wholeness to our human experience.

The teacher of our Pathways programs is Ed Williamson, founder of pathways. He is a Tai Chi master, meditation guide, and speaker. To contact Ed please email Ed@PathwaysMillis.com



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