Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program can be defined as “ an 8 week program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical for the prevention and easing of stress related disorders” And yet it is so much more, each participant is doing a different program as a daily mindful practice will not only address the challenges they face in life, it will birth in them a new way of relating to themselves, the people around them and the world. For some it alleviates or frees pain, for others parenting skills blossom, and yet still others are introduced to their muse – the creative spark that lies within each of us. The practice of Mindfulness gives us permission to lead a more adventurous life and the program gives one the tools to transform stress into constructive life force and confidence to address situations that need to be addressed. Students have also reported that some issues just take care of themselves, dissolve in a way, when met from a place of non fear.

Jon Kabat-Zinn created the MBSR program in the late 70s. It has since been researched and proven effective in many areas of health – physical, emotional and mental. It is a very new and interesting way to learn, foreign to some of us. In this talk you will gain a deeper understanding of the program, you will also participate in mindful practices and should you wish to sign up to the program, you will understand the commitment that is needed to make the most of your investment. Please join us to discover how one practice affects all aspects of our health, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

See Jon Kabat-Zinn talk about the importance of Mindfulness.