Mindful Living for Teens

Managing School, Home, and Self

Mindful Living

The teenage years seem to get a bad rap, but in fact they are a wonderful time of growth into independence and self-understanding. The difficulty teenagers face is no different from any other time in our lives. The problem is that teenagers are not taught how to manage their school and home life or themselves. This Mindful Living program is designed to help teenagers manage their lives in these three areas.

Managing the Three Components of

Teen Life

School Life

The school environment is fraught with many expectations, pressures, emotions, and personalities, all thrown together in a limiting space and time. If we are unable to manage the multitude of energies present in a school environment, we will become overwhelmed. When it comes to managing their time spent at school we help teenagers navigate through their environment with mindfulness and calm. Developing those qualities brings balance and control to a normally chaotic experience.

Home Life

Although the expectation is that home is the place where teenagers can express themselves and be open and communicative, that is not always the case. For a multitude of reasons teenagers may choose or not choose to express and communicate with parents and siblings. Home should be where teenagers feel they are safe, accepted, and trusted. We work with teenagers to help them understand the tensions that can arise between family members, the expectations they may perceive as intrusive or judgmental, and the methods for managing the emotional energies involved.

The Self

The most important piece of living life in wellness, success, and joy is being able to manage the Self. How well we manage our body, mind, and emotions is directly related to how life is experienced. Your outlook on life is a result of how you are, not how your environment is. The ideas and notions we form about ourselves are mostly based on external influences and that can lead to internal conflict. Knowing yourself, you can influence the external rather than the other way around. It is important in the teenage years to understand how we gather information, the impacts it has on us and the ways to prevent those impacts from controlling our lives.

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