Discovering the Body’s Way


The Joy of Movement Is the Secret of Fitness. Stop exercising. Start moving. Follow the pleasure principle: If it feels good, do it; if it doesn’t, stop.

Nia is a fun movement workout experience for a mix of ages and abilities. It increases body awareness and fitness as well as mind/body integration. Engaging vibrant dancers and former non-movers, Nia encourages everybody and all levels in nine dance, martial, and healing arts to develop flexibility, agility, mobility, strength, and stability.

From the founders of Nia: “Movement Must Be Conscious, Not Habitual. Whole-being fitness begins with heightened awareness-of both body and mind. Stop performing conventional repetitive exercises, because they limit movement choices, reinforce robotic living and often lock in mental and spiritual blocks.”


Non-Member: $15 walk-in
Member: $13 walk-in
Students & Seniors (age 65+): $10 walk-in
Newcomer to Pathways: $10