Spreading The Joy!

Doing Good and Feeling Good

Welcome to Spreading the Joy – Outreach Program

It is no secret that when we help another person, even in the smallest way, it not only brings joy to them, it also brings joy to us, and that is what Spreading the Joy reach out program is all about. We don’t have a mission or goal, instead, we have an idea we think will spread as we reach out into the community and beyond. That idea is a simple one, it is to be kind, supportive and inclusive, while helping those in need. What we do in action is to provide whatever is needed in the community that we can offer. Whether we are cleaning a home or yard, helping the elderly or children, providing classroom supplies, or offering needed services in the community, we do it all with kindness and joy.

Want to Join in the Joy ?

Want to be a part of something joyful, kind, and supportive? It’s easy, just contact us at  and tell us at spreadingthejoy@hotmail.com how you would like to help. We appreciate any, and all help you can offer. Come join us in spreading the joy!


We are nearing our 501c status, however, in the meantime, we are accepting donations of which, 100% go to the work we do in the community. Checks payable to Pathways.


Email: SpreadingTheJoy@hotmail.com
Phone: 508-376-1122